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Perfect Packable Sammie

Warmer weather means everyone is on-the-go! Whether hitting the trails, heading to the park, or hanging on the beach, this Turkey Avocado Sandwich is the perfect packable meal for any outing.

Finding a nutritious and delicious sandwich is not always easy, but with 12g of protein and 6g of fiber this Turkey Avocado Sandwich definitely fills both categories. It is important to keep yourself energized through the day.

Filled with delicious whole grains Arnold bread varieties are the perfect choice for any sandwich.

Turkey Avocado Sandwich
• 2 slices Arnold Nuts and Seeds bread
• 2 thin slices turkey
• 1 large leaf lettuce
• 2 slices of tomato
• 1/4 avocado
• 1/3 c. sprouts
• 1/2 tbsp. nonfat ranch dressing

Recipe Makes One Sandwich

Directions: Spread nonfat ranch dressing onto a slice of bread. Then layer turkey, tomato, lettuce, avocado and sprouts on top. Place remaining bread slice on top. Cut in half and serve.