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Consistently Interesting

Did you know Americans eat more than 300 million sandwiches each and every day? It’s no wonder since sandwiches offer an endless amount of variety!

Keep in mind, consistently making better eating choices doesn’t have to mean consistently eating the same meals.

This week, try this Chicken Salad Club Sandwich which has 31g of whole grains in one sandwich and uses our Arnold Healthfull® Steel Cut Oats & Honey bread.

You could easily use one of the other Arnold Healthfull® breads varieties- Flax & Sunflower or Nuts & Seeds- to switch things up. All Arnold Healthfull® breads are 80 calories a slice and contain 100 percent whole grains.

Chicken Salad Sandwich
(4 Sandwiches)
• 8 slices Arnold Healthfull® Steel Cut Oats & Honey bread
• 3 c. chicken, shredded
• 2 tsp. lemon juice
• 1/2 c. onion
• 1/2 c. mayo in flavor of your choice
• Extra toppings: Any veggies of your choice, avocados, olives, lettuce, tomatoes, green peppers, spinach, etc. Add a slice of cheese in your choice of flavor to the sandwich, if desired.

1. Mix chicken, lemon juice, onion, and mayo.
2. Spread on four slices of bread.
3. Add veggies and cheese of your choice, if desired.